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Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5A Ascent


Depreciation: $11,880 per year

Registration Date: 09-Mar-2020

Mileage: 0 km

Transmission: Auto

Engine Capacity: cc

Road Tax: $ per year

Power: 150.0 kW ( 201bhp)

Curb Weight: 1,650kg

Features:  Powered 4 Cylinder DOHC, 214Bhp, 6 Speed Automatic, LED Headlight.

Accessories: Factory Fitted DVD, Local Quality Leather Seat, Push Start, Reverse Camera/Sensor, Solar Film, Coil Floor Mat, Etc.

COE: $32,801

OMV: $29,949

No. of Owners: 1

Description: Powerful Strength, Luxury Sedan With Outstanding Design


Contact Person: Zac / Desmond

Contact Number: 87495321 / 91525221


Posted: 19-Jun-2020

Last Updated: 19-Jun-2020